D. Butler

Newcomer ‘D. Butler’ a.k.a Dominic Butler is an electronic music producer hailing from Birmingham. A classically trained violinist and pianist, the 24 year old has gradually managed to carve an alternative, genre-bending sound.

Often bringing live instrumentation into his production, Dom combines elements of Electronica, Neo-Classical and Hip-Hop to create a powerful sound which transcends easy categorisation. In his early days as a beatmaker working under the Dockmini pseudonym, Dom secured homegrown and overseas placements whilst rising through the ranks of Louis Den and stealing the crown at London’s Dead Beat Society. The last 2 years spent under the radar have seen him grow organically from back-beat craftsman to an accomplished writer and arranger. Taking influence from a wide variety of artists including the likes of Burial, Hudson Mohawke, Steve Reich and Nils Frahm to name but a few, he has mastered the balance between strong melodic progressions and deft production.

Location: UK