Thomas Knak


Thomas Knak is a danish producer also known as Opiate.

The debut album ‘Objects for an Ideal Home’ was released in 1999 which led to collaborations with Bjørk for her Vespertine album, and later two albums with Alva Noto as Opto. He has released EP´s via April, City Centre, Vertical Form and Morr Music.

As well as his solo productions, Thomas has been part of a number of electronic projects, with Future 3 and System being the more consistent … Future 3 released their latest album in October 2014 via Morr Music. Together with composer and musician, Jakob Bro, he produced the Bro/Knak album in 2012. Remixes are so far 40 and counting, including older ones for Efterklang, Bomb the Bass, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bjork.
Thomas established the Copenhagen based label, Hobby Industries, in 1999 and has since released 22 EP´s with music by local and international producers.


Air Max ´97 : Progress & Memory EP

Epoch : 11.38 EP

Felicita : Frenemies EP

Jun Nagaosa : New Age A Cloud Bros EP

Lord Tang : EP1 + 2

Lukid : Crawlers EP

M.E.S.H. : Scythians EP

Rabit : Sun Dragons EP

Ripatti : 46/54 12″

TCF : 415C47197F78E8

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